After seven years operating out of Joseph Nusse’s house, The Rocky Mountain Goat has made the move to a commercial space at 1170 5th Ave.

On Aug. 2nd friends and family of the Goat got together to paint one of the walls with the Goat logo.

In the past year the Goat launched a redesigned paper (my thanks to graphic designers Greg Reimer and Andru McCracken for their input), expanded its web presence thanks to former editor Evan Matthews, and done important behind the scenes work on billing and distribution thanks to Alicia Hill. Goat co-founder Joseph Nusse gave tons of his time and expertise in building us a beautiful new office. And of course there’s my ongoing dreaming and scheming to improve things at the paper in every domain.

What’s next at the Goat? Watch for a slightly different paper layout next week, including new games and horoscopes.

Stop by our office anytime to chat about story ideas or ideas for marketing your business.

As always, thanks for your support!