By Laura Keil

The Rocky Mountain Goat has been short-listed for three newspaper awards this year.

The Goat’s freelance photographer Sandra James was nominated for Best Feature Photo for her photo of a Pine Siskin eating a seed.

The Goat’s former graphic designer Arthur Tanga was nominated for his animated online ad for Bikes and Bites which ran last year on the Goat’s website.

The Goat was also nominated for all-round Newspaper Excellence, which recognizes excellence in journalism, graphic design, ad content and design, and other newspaper quality standards.

Winners and second and third place recipients will be announced at a gala at the River Rock Casino in Richmond May 14th.

“As an independent community newspaper, our top priority is always to serve our local communities the best we can,” said Publisher/Owner Laura Keil. “I’m thrilled that some of our work is being recognized on a provincial level. I’d like to add that I’m proud of the work done by every staff member and contributor at the Goat. I’m lucky to work with such a talented and dedicated team that cares so much about the community.”