Fire rages through the interior of BC. Many evacuees must travel side by side the blaze as they escape. / Jeff Coenen


Are you prepared?

Here is some helpful information and tips to keep you and your family safe during an emergency

Create a grab and go bag with enough food and water for you and your animals for 3 days. Don’t forget to take pets and those with unique needs into consideration.

What to include:

WATER: This is the most important item to store. You need at least four litres of water per person, per day. A family of four will need 48 litres of water for a three day supply. You may also want to bring a water treatment/filtration device.
FOOD: You should have enough non-parishable food to support you and your family for at least 3 days. If the power goes out, use up the food from your fridge and freezer first.

Flashlight, headlamp & batteries
battery-powered radio
Seasonal clothing and shoes
Blankets/sleeping bags
Pen and notepad
Cell phone & charger
Personal toiletries
First aid kit
Extra pair of glasses/ contacts
Cash in small bills
Out of area contact card
Copies of important documents, family photos, etc. (Consider storing copies on a USB key)
Garbage bags
Can opener

Things TO DO:

Keep the gas in your vehicle as close to full as possible

Get all of your important documents (insurance papers) and keepsakes together in one place.

Make sure your family has a pre-arranged meeting place

Think about what you’d do without cell reception or Internet

In case of emergency where there is no power/cell service/phone service/Internet, tune in to 104.1FM for emergency broadcasting via Valemount Community Television.