Though the Village continues its search for a more permanent replacement, Gord Simmons’ contract has been extended.

The extension will see Simmons stay on with the Village through Dec. 13, he says.

Named near the end of September, Simmons has been working with Valemount Council in place of the recently departed CAO, Mark Macneill.

Simmons has been retired for the past seven-and-a-half years, but had spent the 25 years prior working for the Regional District of Fraser- Fort George’s planning department.

“I’m eager to get back to my woodworking and my carpentry,” says Simmons, making it clear he will not throw his hat in the ring as a long-term solution.
Simmons took the position of interim-CAO here, he says, based on his pre-existing relationship with the mayor, and his love for the town.

Dating back to November 2014, the Village has had two corporate officers and two chief administrative officers, respectively, not including interim positions.
Macneill was hired in relief of former CAO, Anne Yanciw, who spent over three years as CAO.

An interim-CAO, Ken Wiesner, filled the small gap between Yanciw and Macneill’s respective employment.

The Village has not given a timeline on any potential hire.