I have had property in Valemount and visited regularly since the 1990’s.

I have invited and brought friends and family several times. We have hiked, camped, gone snowshoeing, quadding, etc.

People are busy, and as much as I promoted, I would only get a few visitors to take me up on my offer of accommodations.

This week I have had nine vehicles at my house, six of them — here for the bike park.

The construction of the park has made Valemount a “destination”.  Friends are approaching me to visit, instead of me convincing them to come. They are choosing to spend precious holiday time here when before it was Jasper, Canmore, or somewhere closer to home.

It’s ballooning to the point I’m having a tough time hosting.

My IGA grocery bill is a runaway, and the meet-ups at the local businesses is costing me, but money well spent! I see first-hand what the bike park is bringing to your local economy, and I trust the town is feeling it too!

Great work,

Zara Wishloff
Valemount, B.C.