Dear Editor,

We are overwhelmed by the support expressed by all sides at the announcement of the approval of the Master Plan for the Valemount Glacier Destinations project, and we are grateful for the media exposure, coming from as far as Colorado.

We would like to express our thanks to the people of Valemount, the Simpcw First Nation, and all levels of government and staff – particularly the staff of the Mountain Resorts Branch and your local MLA, Minister Shirley Bond, who have worked tirelessly to make the Master Plan approval a reality. We thank Valemount mayor Jeanette Townsend and her Council, former mayors Andru McCracken and Bob Smith, McBride Mayor Loranne Martin, and the Valemount Community Forest for their support.

We are especially grateful to all the members of the Valemount Ski Society and the people of Valemount and the Robson Valley, whose initiative and enthusiasm have been a major driving force for the project.

The Master Plan is a crucial step and milestone, but it is not the final step before construction. We have always been careful not to raise expectations beyond what is certain at each stage of the process.

Our biggest celebration will be when we have the Master Development Agreement, which is also a very important precondition for the financing of the project and the beginning of construction. If things go well, we will accomplish this by winter so that we can start construction next summer.

Oberto Oberti, President and CEO
Valemount Glacier Destinations Ltd.
Vancouver, B.C.