The Valemountain Days parade comes right down 5th Ave, while kids flock to get their share of candy. / EVAN MATTHEWS
The Valemountain Days parade comes right down 5th Ave, while kids flock to get their share of candy. / EVAN MATTHEWS


When I was first being interviewed for my position here in Valemount, I wondered two things: Where is Valemount? What are the people like?

Well, Valemountain Days answers both of these questions.

Right from 11 AM on Saturday, people lined the streets with their lawn chairs and their friends, as they waited for the parade.

The best thing for me was getting to see a glimpse into what makes people in this community unique, and what makes this town so special.

There were tractors driving down 5th Avenue, kids rushing onto the streets to fetch their share of candy, firefighters, paramedics and police officers smiling and waving, people on quads, dirt bikes, or driving muscle cars, or even people riding horses.

From the baseball tournament, to the magic show and petting zoo, to the beer gardens and the stage with live music — an abundance of energy filled the town.

The festivities showed some of the town’s history, some vision of where things can go, and it brought everyone together to really enjoy Valemount for what it is right now.

As a new person to this community, I saw a buzz I haven’t seen to date. I’m not always a “rah, rah” kind of guy, but Valemountain Days showed me the people of Valemount know how to have a good time.

We let loose, we enjoy the outdoors, we enjoy food and drink, but most importantly — we do it all together in an inclusive way.

Over the weekend it didn’t matter where you come from, because we are all here together. We are all Valemountians.

Moving forward, I think that’s a good mantra to have. If you’re here, you’re a part of this.

Valemountain Days gives people the chance to say, ‘Where is Valemount? It is right here, and these are our people’.

Yes, things can always improve. Maybe one day we will see the return of the well-liked logger sports.

But again, this comes back to community, and getting what we put in. If we want to see effective change, we need to be part of the solution to make it happen.

I have confidence next year’s Valemountain Days will be as good, or better, than this year’s, and I believe it is important to let other people know in the valley, the province and the country: This is Valemount, and we live here.