Council appointed members to two new committees during the April 12th regular meeting, but some spots on each remain vacant.
A staff report to Council says the Village received six applications to the Economic Development Committee. Appointed members include Justin Hooke (representing downtown business), Gene Blackman (small business), Charles Kosmadia (accommodation), Patricia Thoni (food/restaurant at large), Arnold Wied (non-profit at large), John McGuire (forestry), and Tammy VandeNobelen (Chamber of Commerce). A position to represent Education and Training at large remains vacant. Mayor Jeannette Townsend appointed Peter Reimer to represent Council on the committee.

Eight applications were received to the Geothermal Direct Heat Use Committee. Appointed members are: Archie McLean (representing engineering), Herb Bailey and Joe Bullock (both representing heavy –equipment), Rundi Anderson (small business), Mike Johnson and Carrol Bullock (both education and training at large), Shirley Sander (business and education), and Christine Pelletier (small business and education). Four positions to represent the Valemount Community Forest, forestry at large, energy and the provincial government remain vacant. Mayor Townsend appointed Owen Torgerson to represent Council.

According to the terms of reference for the Economic Development Committee, it is guided by the Robson-Canoe Valleys Economic Opportunities Plan, 2010, prepared for the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George by Millier-Dickinson-Blais.
Meetings are expected to be held the first Wednesday of each month at the Village office at 7:00 pm.

The Geothermal Direct Heat Use Committee is expected to meet on the first Thursday of each month at the Village office. Its guiding principles will be defined by the committee.

Both committees are select committees of Council. According to the Community Charter, a select committee may be appointed to consider or inquire into any matter and to report its findings and opinion to Council.