Although Linda Fry submitted a successful application for the Board of Directors, she withdrew her application due circumstances that would limit her ability to dedicate time to the MCFC. So, although the Original Agenda shows her being appointed, the agenda was amended at the beginning of the meeting to remove Linda from the appointment.
Early in 2020, the Village of McBride Council made a resolution to increase the McBride Community Forest Corp. (MCFC) Board of Directors from five to seven positions. The shareholder sees the need to increase diversity on the board in order to better represent the community. Although advertising for applicants continued for over five months, there were only two applications received. One applicant withdrew before appointment and the other replaced a vacant position, still leaving two vacant positions. The Shareholder was pleased to appoint the following committed community members to the Board of Directors: Harold Edwards (chair), Lucille Green (vice chair), Warren McLennan (secretary), Shaughnessy Clausen (treasurer) and Joseph Rich (member at large). The MCFC is still accepting applications for the two vacant Board of Director positions.

Submitted by Lucille Green
Deputy Mayor Village of McBride