We are all after the same goals and objectives: a vibrant economy, a healthy town, a nice place to live and to work. Now it is time to come together and decide how we get what we want.

Towns are in global competition with one another. So making our town attractive – designing key spaces and beautiful buildings – is actually an economic development strategy. In this era, businesses and companies can move anywhere. Creating a place that people want to be in, grow in and start businesses in – that is where we need to be!

People will look at a community or a house and decide, on first impression, if they have interest in moving and living in that location. Homes are staged so people can see themselves living in them, this same concept can be applied to the greater community with equal effect.

When design brings people into the mix, statistics show that for every ten people that walk into a retail outlet, four will make a purchase. Therefore good streets are good business.

Our forefathers had the vision to layout McBride in a very practical and pleasing design. The importance of retaining the integrity of the original Grand Truck Pacific village layout provides a very distinct and definitive down town business sector core. The frontage roads provide ease of access-egress and the two highway entrances provide an ideal loop for the traveling public.

By creating pleasing, attractive and well maintained entrances to the Village we can sell ourselves well. The Gigglin’ Grizzly has made an effort to clean up the west entrance area. The library/museum at one end of Main Street and the historic CN Station at the other would bookcase our down town area.

Let’s think of the Robson Valley Exploration and Learning Centre as part of a larger strategy – a down town revitalization, a drawing card for additional investment and initiatives. Think of curb appeal. Think of painting your front door an inviting and vibrant color. That is what the exploration centre would do to the entrance of McBride. Add this to the Main Street Façade program, our community park, ballpark and skateboard area, the murals, the painted fire hydrants, the community garden and our summer community market in the pavilion. WOW.

Sheilagh Foster