A recent letter to the editor raised some points about how the costs for the purchase and operation of a combined library and museum at 521 Main Street would be paid for by the tax base, i.e. what amounts would be paid by whom.

Property owners will have received their 2016 Assessment Notices from BC Assessment and can easily calculate the tax impact of the purchase and operation of 521 Main Street.

The Regional District has stated that for residential properties the annual tax impact would be $27.47 for each $100,000 of assessed value. (For example, an owner with an average assessment of $140,000 would pay an additional $38.45 per year.) For business properties the rate is $67.30 per $100,000 of assessed value. (That is, a business property assessed at $140,000 would pay an additional $94.22 per year.)

Taxes are allocated in this way by legislation, which the Library and Museum have no influence over. However, we believe it is important that residents who will be voting on the Library and Museum proposal have accurate information to make their decision.

Many community services are funded by local taxes. Robson Valley residents participate in nearly 300 library and museum services in a given year. Libraries cannot charge user fees so in the absence of other sources of funding, a modest tax levy is appropriate to purchase 521 Main Street and thus support continuation of our services.

Naomi Balla-Boudreau
on behalf of the Robson Valley Exploration and Learning Service Steering Committee

Clarification on last week’s story on the upcoming vote on the McBride library and museum: The library and museum boards have jointly been leasing space at 521 Main Street over the winter, not just the library.