Photo courtesy the artist
Photo courtesy the artist


On Febuary 7th the Valemount Community Theatre is proud to present one of Canada’s finest folk bands.

COIG “Ko-Ig” is a group of Nova Scotian musicians that bring together all that is great about east coast music. Combing fiddles, mandolin, piano and singing in both English and Gaelic these talented individuals bring their traditional music to the forefront and have developed a style and luster of play that is truly inspiring.

COIG was formed during the Celtic colors International Festival and play together as much as their busy solo careers allow. Their debut album was a smash hit, winning several East coast awards for traditional album of the year in 2014/15. Since then things have only gotten bigger and brighter for the Cape Breton quartet.

Living on opposite sides of the stunning island, Racheal Davis and Chrissy Crowley are two Cape Breton beauties that form the strong fiddling backbone that moves this band. They are joined by fellow islander and outstanding piano man Jason Roach who fills in the sound with a style and intensity that will grab you by the ear; and brilliant multi-instrumentalist Darren McMullen who plays strung and wind-blown instruments with equal gusto. When asked about the current tour McMullen told me “we are leaving Nova Scotia on Friday (22nd) headed for the other coast and we are very excited to get out there!”

The Robson Valley would be truly lucky to host even one of these amazing musicians, let alone all of them! Whether young or old you cannot help but feel the pulse and heart of this music. When asked about their two day break between shows in Valemount and Cranbrook The reply was “things like your little brewery weigh heavy in that decision.” True East Coast.

Visit for a taste of what’s to come; or just take this writer’s word… This show is well worth the price of admission!