By Laura Keil

Tom Jamin discovered something other than rot during his repairs of the Valemount Museum last month: historic love graffiti.

Either a prankster or the lovesick man himself wrote that Angus loved Rosie.

Who Rosie and Angus are is a mystery, as is the date of the message. Jamin guesses it’s been close to a century since anyone was in the attic space, which was sealed off. The museum was the former train station and the attic portion of the building is part of the original train station from 1915.

Jamin’s repairs and renovations include fixing the accessibility ramp, and repairing the fascia on the doors, stripping and then repainting the arched brackets out front and building replicas of the one original door so all three doors now match.

The grants only covered part of the work needed. Jamin says Phase 2 will include replacing shingles and repainting the full exterior.