On Monday September 14th Valemount RCMP received a complaint that a pickup truck had driven into the side of the CIBC building, subsequently causing severe cracking in the wall. Police attended and spoke with the driver who was uninjured and with minimal damage to the truck. The driver claimed a problem with the trucks brakes as a cause for the collison. Police issued a notice and order for the vehicle to be removed from the road and inspected by a designated facility.

On Monday September 14th McBride RCMP were informed of a bicycle theft from the owner’s yard. Days later on September 20th, police arrested an adult male for an unrelated theft, and through further investigation several other stolen items were located which included the stolen bicycle. The male was later released on a promise to appear and will appear in court in the near future.

On Monday September 14th McBride RCMP responded to a complaint of two males causing a disturbance by yelling at each other while walking down the street. Police successfully located the males and they were detained until identity could be confirmed. While there were no charges pursued on the initial complaint, one of the males was arrested for obstructing a police officer by providing false identity information. This same male was also arrested for six outstanding arrest warrants in British Columbia, and later remanded into custody and transported to Prince George Correctional Facility.

On Thursday September 17th Valemount RCMP responded to a report of a collision involving a tractor trailer. Police attended Highway 5 approximately 50km south of Valemount and located a tractor trailer on its side in the ditch. The driver sustained injuries and was transported by ambulance to Valemount Community Health Centre, and later released. The driver of the tractor trailer was issued a violation ticket for driving without due care, as per the Motor Vehicle Act.

On Friday September 18th, McBride RCMP stopped a vehicle travelling westbound on Highway 16 for Motor Vehicle Act infractions. While stopped with the vehicle and speaking with the adult male driver police discovered he was in unauthorized possession of a firearm, by not having a valid Possession Acquisition Licence (PAL). The firearm was seized, and the male was issued served violation tickets for the initial stop. As a reminder to the public, if you are transporting firearms you must follow safety regulations as set out in the Firearms Act, and be able to present your PAL upon request of a peace officer. The firearm in this instance will be safely returned to the owner once a valid PAL is presented.

On Saturday September 19th Valemount RCMP received a report from CN Rail of a medical emergency on board a passenger train near the Moose Lake rest area. A female was reported to have fallen and struck her head. Police and Emergency Health Services (EHS) attended and a decision was made to have EHS ride the train to Valemount with the injured female, as the terrain was too dangerous to safely transfer her to the ambulance. The female was taken to the Valemount Community Health Centre for treatment.

Also on Saturday September 19th Valemount RCMP were contacted by the Shell Mighty Mart and requested to attend as two men were upset inside the store because they were required to prepay for fuel before pumping as per Provincial Legislation. Police attended and spoke with staff and the men involved who had left upset. After some discussion and clarification by police the men understood the necessity for the law and were permitted to continue on their way with no further incident.

This time of year morning streets are filled with kids heading to school, making attentive driving the utmost of importance. Keep your eyes on the road not your cell phone, if police stop you for distracted driving you could face a fine of $167 and three penalty points.