By Andru McCracken

When RCMP spotted a pickup truck pulling a jet boat through McBride last year, something didn’t seem right. It was, after all, December.

Police tried to stop the vehicle, but the Christmastime powerboaters had other ideas.

Running the plates on the combo, the truth came out. This was not a legitimate attempt to bring ice fishing to a new level; both the truck and the boat were stolen.

The driver and passenger were tracked to Clearwater, BC where a manhunt ensued using K9 units from Prince George and Kamloops. Both were arrested.

Daniel Webster, 32, has been convicted of multiple offences. Michael Rickett, 30, the vehicle’s passenger, is scheduled to appear in BC Provincial Court in McBride on Friday June 7 to answer to three counts of possession of stolen property over $5,000.

“Webster was held in custody for 291 days and was sentenced to an additional 8-month jail term. Upon release he will be on a year probation and a 5-year Criminal Driving Prohibition,” said RCMP spokesperson Madonna Saunderson.