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The CN rail track runs through the Robson Valley communtiies of Valemount, McBride and Dunster, communities that historically built up around the railway.

By: Laura “Goatee” Keil

Next month, Valemount residents living within 0.5km of the train tracks will be asked their opinion on a new train noise designed to be less disruptive to residents.

The CN rail train horn has long disturbed the sleep of local residents living close to the tracks, blasted into phone calls and otherwise disturbed the peace.

Now Council is putting forth in a referendum what noise residents would prefer.

In a rare gesture of accommodation, the Federal Ministry of Noise, is allowing local Council the authority to govern local train horns. Some say it’s a pre-election voting grab stunt, while others say it’s the result of hard work and long overdue.

A local committee has narrowed down the choices of new train horns to four sounds: a rooster’s call; yodelling; snoring; or a donkey bray.

Next month, Valemount residents will vote on these in a referendum. Residents also have the option of submitting their own noise for consideration.

The new noise will still be broadcast at the same decibel level as the existing train horn.

Local resident Thandum Shortbucket said he planned to submit his own noise – the sound of his pet parrot.

When the Goat asked the parrot what sound he would make, the parrot responded “I LOVE you!”

The new noise is scheduled to come into effect on April 1st, 2016 – April Fool’s Day!