Goodbye to logger known for his wit

April 30, 2015 The Goat
By Korie Marshall By all accounts Les McKirdy was entertaining; often irreverent but good natured. So was his funeral. Friends, family and local residents packed the Valemount Legion last September to help celebrate Les’s 90th […]

RCMP remind public of bear protocol

April 30, 2015 The Goat
As Joy and Mick Callas returned from Prince George last week, they were fortunate to see a beautiful sight – a young mother silver-tipped grizzly and her 1-year-old cub, grazing quietly a short distance from the highway.grizz […]
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Letter: The opposite of freedom

April 29, 2015 The Goat
The more Canadians learn about Bill C-51, the less they like it. As knowledge of the bill’s contents have become known, opposition has risen by 33 percentage points in just three weeks. Bill C-51 is […]

RCMP warn of tax scam

April 28, 2015 The Goat
The Coquitlam RCMP urges residents to be extra vigilant when receiving an email or a text from CRA that offers a tax refund. When in doubt, you should contact CRA directly. […]
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