Submitted by David Marchant

The Fraser Headwaters Alliance held a workbee last weekend to repair and install a cable car across the Goat River to connect the trail to the other side. Roy Howard and members of the Sustainable Living Leadership Program who annually canoe and float down the Fraser, all helped reconstruct the Goat River Cable Car after installing a new floor.
After the floor was replaced, work had to be done to better secure the cable car crossing on the far side of the river, forcing the latest work crew to ford the Goat River 1/2 a mile further upstream from the cable crossing. In the photo, members of the work crew use sticks for balance as they make their way across the cold fast flowing water, carefully picking out the best places to put their feet.

Above: Roy Howard gives the cable car a test run, in which additional problems were discovered. At present, the cable car is still out of commission until those are dealt with, and all trail hikers will have to ford the river until further notice. On the return hike back to the trailhead, the crew stops to watch Roy clear a big deadfall spruce that has fallen across the trail. FHA has constructed boardwalks along some of the muddy sections of the trail. FHA hopes to continue with additional boardwalks in the future.