Thank you to the Goat and Andrea Arnold for a mostly excellent article on the newly improved Goat River Cable Car. However, I want to make a couple of small corrections. The grant was from CERIP (rather than CERP), which stands for Community Economic Recovery Infrastructure Program, from the provincial government. I assume the similarity of the acronyms caused the confusion. The trail length is indeed approximately 50 km, but does not end in Barkerville. Rather it ends at the upper end of the Kruger Lake FSR, about 15 km NE of Bowron Lake. (It’s another 30 km or so to Barkerville from Bowron Lake.) Thank you also to Ross McKirdy, Andreas Thoni and crew of Robson Design Build for the very excellent and professional work on the cable car project. And of course, thank you to the provincial government for the grant that made this work possible.

Roy Howard
Fraser Headwaters Alliance