Not only should Telus customers notice faster internet speeds in the Valemount area now, some customers will also have the option of paying for super-fast speeds of 15 mbps, says Liz Sauvé, Telus spokesperson

Here at the Goat last week, after Telus announced they had completed a $100,000 upgrade to the internet service in Valemount, we noticed slower internet speeds. We heard other people noticing the same thing, and also that some Telus customers were not receiving some emails sent to them. So we asked Telus if it was related to the upgrade.

Sauvé confirmed there was a brief outage in webmail access March 11th, but she says it was unrelated to the recent internet update in Valemount. She says Telus was having intermittent trouble with webmail, meaning some customers had trouble logging on and accessing their account, but they fully resolved the issue within a few hours. Any emails customers had tried to send, as well as any emails sent to them during that time, should have been successfully delivered.

On Friday March 14, Sauvé said she’d spoken with technicians in the area, and there had been no congestion or challenges that would have resulted in slower internet service. She says all customers in the Valemount area should already have noticed consistent, increased speeds in their internet service, though exact speeds are difficult to say because of variables like how far away the customer is from a Telus office.

In addition to that upgrade, Sauvé says some customers in the area now have access to “incredibly fast high-speed internet” at 15Mbps, depending on their location in and around Valemount. Customers can inquire about pricing and availability of this service to their location, which does require a visit from a technician, by calling Telus at 310-2255.