Carrier Lumber is developing its five-year pest management plan for logged areas throughout the Robson and Canoe valleys. Trappers, guides, range holders and other interested parties have until April 30th to comment on the plan for ensuring regeneration in logged areas gets to an acceptable free-growing stage.

Adrian Vander Zwan at Carrier’s Valemount office told the Goat there are about 853 hectares of previously logged areas that fall under the plan, including the Castle Creek area, a spot down Kinbasket Reservoir, and a large area in Tete Jaune. He says periodic surveys check to see if shrubs, brush and other vegetation are hindering the regeneration of the logged areas, and if they are, the vegetation can be dealt with in a variety of ways. He estimates 580 hectares would be done manually with brush saws, cutting vegetation away from suitable growing trees; 239 hectares would be done using herbicides, either backpack foliar, cut stump, or “hack and squirt” methods; and about 35 hectares may be done by aerial spraying.

Carrier has recently issued the notice of intent to treat, and anyone interested in the plan can make an appointment with Vander Zwan to see the plan and maps at Carrier’s Valemount Forestry Office, 3300 Highway 5 South. Anyone wishing to contribute to the plan can send the information to the office.

Vander Zwan says it is also usual procedure to contact affected trappers, guides and range holders directly in advance of any specific pest control management activities.

If there is a transfer in forest license, the pest control plan, silviculture obligations and other liabilities would transfer along with the assets of the license.