By Korie Marshall

A local contractor was logging a residential area in Valemount, near Hartman’s Trailer Park last week.

Coincidentally, on the other side of Dogwood St from the trailer park, Village staff entered 202 Ash Street with a certified arborist to assess the property for hazards.

The approximately 60 acre residential zoned lot is heavily covered in pine, many of which are dead or dying from mountain pine beetle. The area is commonly used by residents for walking and biking.

The Village confirmed staff was on the property with an arborist to do the assessment for hazards. Depending on the results of the assessment, Council may authorize work done to protect the community and neighbouring properties from falling trees and other potential hazards, billing the property owner for the work. How that might be perceived by potential new owners of the property is not yet known.

The Goat received no response to our inquiries to the current registered owner of 202 Ash Street, a holding company, but the property had been listed as a court-ordered sale, complete with development plans and approvals for phase one. It is rumored to be one of the properties GITC, an investment company recently showing interest in Valemount, is looking at. GITC offers services for immigrants interested in coming to Canada under the Provincial Nominee Program.