By Laura Keil

With many manufactured home property assessments up 10-50 per cent in Valemount this year, some residents are wondering if there’s been a mistake.

The average change for single family homes in Valemount was just a 0.3 per cent increase.

The two mobile home parks saw especially large increases, despite only three comparative sales in the parks, one at $17,500, one at $29,000 and one heavily renovated property that sold for $65,000.

Jarret Krantz, Deputy Assessor Northern BC Region, said BC Assessment will continue to review its assessments, even though the deadline for an independent review has passed.

“If anyone calls us even right now, even though the guidelines are done, we’ll still look at it.”

He said they’ll compare the sales used as relevant samples to other sales based on the inventory of that property.

“What’s the reasonable sort of market value? That’s always the question that we’re looking to answer,” he said.

“If we’re not satisfied, we can make a change,” he added.

He recommends inquiring with BC Assessment before the end of March. After the end of March, it would need to be what’s considered a “really significant error” for them to adjust it, he said.