Photos and Story by Chris Parker

McBride Christmas Extravaganza, McBride and district hospital auxilliary, mcbride fundraiser
Carol Hammar dressed up for the Christmas

The evening of December 7th saw the Robson Valley once again demonstrating what a caring and community minded place it is. The McBride and District Hospital Auxilliary hosted its annual Christmas Extravaganza at the EV Free Church. This is one of the nights the Robson Valley bands together for a time of fun, food, and fundraising.

Eleanor Johnson, this year’s Hospital Auxiliary President, kicked things off with a big smile and a heartfelt welcome. There were silent auction items, hand crafts, new to you, touch and take gifts, baked goods, and a raffle basket all donated from local businesses and individuals. As always the Cake Walk, an event favourite, took the cake with people lining up to try for a chance to, well… umm… (or should that be ‘yumm’?) take the cake.

The members of the Hospital Auxiliary beamed throughout the evening, the community support obviously pleasing those who worked so hard to put this annual event together. Nobody seemed to remember how or when the Christmas Extravaganza started. “Ten, maybe fifteen years ago, I thought about researching it to find out when it started” stated Eleanor Johnson in her opening remarks. When asked for further clarification Johnson said that “this is our major annual fundraiser, we usually earn upwards of $3000.00 from tonight’s event for various hospital related projects.”

Children were all smiles with their ‘touch and take presents’. Parents and Grandparents enjoyed the pie and coffee all the while monitoring the silent auction sheets. Several dozen cakes walked out the door to the delight of young and old.

On a very cold night in December with Christmas looming, family finances strained, and time as always a precious commodity, some hundred plus people attended the Hospital Auxiliary Christmas Extravaganza. When asked how they found the time, why this was so important the response was simple: “ Because we can and we should, this is the Robson Valley, there is a community need, so we fill it. It is what we do.”

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