The smallest of three fires in the Raush watershed area was declared out late last week, but another larger fire was started. All were started by lightning.

The newest fire was estimated at approximately 130 hectares in size. The largest of the three was estimated at approximately 400 hectares and the smallest at eight hectares.

The fire that crews were working on Thursday has been since designated a modified response fire, which means active suppression efforts have stopped, but air patrols continue to monitor the fire. The other two fires are also modified response.

This approach is in accordance with the area’s Fire Management Plan, which recognizes the ecological benefits of fire. Fire returns nutrients to the soil, resulting in new growth and the creation of habitat that is preferred by some wildlife. Fire also helps remove the build-up of forest fuels (combustible material) and creates a natural firebreak that will make it easier to deal with future fires.

Large amounts of rain right across the Prince George Fire Centre over the weekend has reduced fire activity, according to Information Officer Dustin Eno, but the fires will continue to be noted on the BC Active Wildfires map until they have been declared out. Even if the fires show no activity, they will not be declared out until they have been scanned for residual hot spots.

Wildfires can be reported by dialing *5555 from most cell phones, or toll free at 1-800-663-5555.