Swedish style: Thinning troubled forests

January 3, 2020 The Goat
By Andru McCracken Logging contractor Liam Parfitt says that Swedish forest practices can allow the forest to grow faster, make marginal stands more valuable, provide vastly better conditions for wildlife and create much more work […]

MCFC board confirmed

October 30, 2019 The Goat
By Andru McCracken On Wednesday, October 16, the Village of McBride hosted the McBride Community Forest Corporation’s (MCFC) annual general meeting and about 40 people attended. Acting mayor Allan Frederick chaired the meeting for mayor […]

MCFC in the black, growing

October 28, 2019 The Goat
Slash piles remain urgent issue By Andru McCracken McBride Community Forest Corporation had good news to share after the previous two years of losses according to Chair Joseph Rich and interim general manager Shaughnessy Clausen. […]

MCFC: new cut control period

September 30, 2019 The Goat
By Andru McCracken The McBride Community Forest Corporation (MCFC) will soon reach an important milestone: the end of a five year cut control period. It’s been a turbulent five years, but things are looking up. […]

Manager steps down; no elections for MCFC

August 23, 2019 The Goat
By Andru McCracken McBride’s mayor Gene Runtz is no longer the general manager of the McBride Community Forest Corporation, but rumours that he was fired from the position are not true. Runtz said that managing […]
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