By Andrea Arnold

Regional District of Fraser-Fort George Area H Director Dannielle Alan has once again been appointed to serve on the North Central Local Government Association (NCLGA) board. This is her second term serving the people of the Robson Valley in this capacity. 

She, along with six others, were appointed by their respective regional districts to represent their communities along with seven other elected directors from locations within the north central area. 

“We share information between the regional districts, learning through each other’s strengths and challenges,” she said. “We compare information as to how we have overcome obstacles and help each other problem solve.”

One common issue that all areas are currently facing is that of healthcare. All communities within the area are experiencing a shortage of doctors, and the NCLGA board is lobbying the government as a united group as they work to find a solution.

One of the key goals of the group is to keep the provincial government accountable.

“We gang up to present shared problems and opportunities, and provide support for each other,” she said. “Together we provide a large loud voice to small communities.”

One of their current battles is that of money coming from the sale of cannabis. Alan says that the original agreement between the federal and provincial governments split the proceeds 50/50. However, with pressure from municipalities, the split was changed to be a 25/75 split, with a portion of what the province received set to go to communities. However, Alan says that has not happened.

“We, the NCLGA board, is pressuring the provincial government to uphold their end of the deal to share with the municipalities,” she said.

This second appointment means that Alan has more opportunities to learn and advocate for the Robson Valley. 

“The experience makes me a more effective director,” she said.