A song by Rod Reimer
To all the brave folks who helped save McBride

Their faces in the face of the fire
Steadfast, unwavering, strong
Courage like this, that inspired
All the others helping along
A firefighter, this is what they signed up for
Same for police, first responders, volunteers
Their self sacrifice in this battle, like war
For the best, look no further than here

Water bombers, helicopters, drop water from the sky
Trucks and personnel fight from the ground
Hot ashes, soot, underfoot, smoke in their eyes
The place, a firefighter is found
Without their selfless effort, where would we be
Surely nothing would have been saved
How blessed to live here, in this community
How proud we all are, of what they gave

And then, those, there, behind the scenes
Maybe taking in evacuees
Knowing just exactly, how much it means
Providing food, drink and other necessities
Those brave men and women, where do we find them
On the front lines, the odds they defied
From the valley below to the top of Teare Mountain
A big shout out, to those who helped save McBride
A big shout out, to the best of McBride