Well, it seems as though the worst is over. A sense of calm has been restored to our community thanks to the incredible hard work of all of the different organizations involved. There are still firefighters, and forestry workers milling through the devastation, removing what I like to call “danger trees”, and making sure that any possible hotspots are extinguished. The helicopters are still dropping their life saving payloads onto places that can still be considered hazardous.

As our lives begin to slowly return to normal, there is no doubt in my mind that the inevitable finger pointing, and blame will begin. After seeing the way this community came together to help each, and every person out that needed support, (whether it was animal transport, and sheltering , providing food, and shelter to displaced citizens, or the life saving efforts of our firefighters, first responders, and the  countless volunteers), I would like to suggest that rather than finger pointing, and or laying blame, we should come together once again as the caring community that we are to extend an olive branch to whom ever may have been responsible for the onset of this fire. I am positive that whoever is responsible feels absolutely terrible at this point, and I feel they should be the recipient of this community’s exceptional support, and understanding as well.

No one is perfect, and we have all made mistakes in our lives. It’s important to  remember “To err is human, to forgive is divine”.

John Rivard

McBride, BC