By Goat Staff

Mary Hooker has enjoyed the return of Christmas craft fairs. She is excited to hear that the Ladies Christmas Tea is returning this week and that McBride and area residents have the option of
attending the Community Christmas Dinner.

Rosemary Hruby is also excited about the Ladies Tea and is looking forward to seeing her grandkids perform at the school Christmas Concert.

Tete Jaune resident Tamara Cinnamon says her favourite event at this time of year is the Wreath- O-Rama, an annual competition among Tete Jaune residents who design a wreath at the end of their driveway for people to view as they drive by. “I love the community Spirit it brings out in our community,” she says. “Everyone gets right into it.” She says Tete Jaune has a healthy dose of competition so it’s fun to watch everyone bring their own unique style to their creation. “It’s become super social: there’s people out every single night driving up and down all the back roads seeing which new wreaths have popped up,” she says. “I love being part of such a powerful community. It’s also heartwarming to see the amount of work the judges put into viewing them all and making their decision on this year’s winner.”

Valemount resident Heather Funk says she looks forward to some down time with family, crafting, creating, eating
and playing pool.

Krissy Bricker looks forward to making a great big meal and enjoying it with her family.

Linda Munroe couldn’t pick just one or two events that she is thrilled to see the return of. She is excited to participate in Christmas activities with people again.

Bigger gatherings for seasonal celebrations are what Rick Thompson is cautiously looking forward to.

Bridget Uhl has a hard time feeling the Christmas spirit until after the Christmas Concert at the Dunster Schoolhouse. Traditionally the event is a week before Christmas, and this year
it is no exception.

Jenn Bryant looks forward to making memories with her kids, even though her older kids won’t be home this year.

Jennette Chuipka has been happy to see the return of some of the community events. The unofficial community late night shopping evening, and the scheduled New Year’s Dance at the Elks Hall. She is looking forward to once again getting together
with friends to spread Christmas cheer, while not worrying about how many people are in attendance.

Amanda Byford and her family moved to McBride over a year ago. She admits that last Christmas season, she wondered if she had made the right choice as the community seemed to be lacking. This year has been completely different with many events open to everyone. She has been volunteering wherever she can. Through volunteering she has met many new people, is enjoying seeing everyone’s faces, and feels that the community is alive.

Hannah Williams says she and her husband love taking their nephews tobogganing at this time of year.

Amy Catherine Atzenberger says she looks forward to baking during the Christmas/holiday season.

Corey Schock and his mother Lyn were excited to see the community out and about during the late night shopping. They missed seeing Santa in attendance, but hope that the parade will return for next year. Corey has noticed that more people are out and about participating in stuff. Lyn said that she would like it if the family could take advantage of the freedom to travel, but everyone is working this year, so that isn’t possible. Lyn and friend Carol Barnett had visited the McBride and District Public Library and found the elusive Elf on a shelf. Lanny Schock is enjoying being able to see people’s smiling faces as they make their way around town. He also said he was relieved to hear that
Santa doesn’t have covid. Lastly, Lyn pointed out that she has noticed, and really enjoyed, the overall atmosphere of the community. People are happy and there is a blanket of cheerful around town.

Another McBride newcomer Cassandra Johnson and her kids are excited for the upcoming Santa events, specifically, Pancakes with Santa next weekend. She is looking forward to helping with the kids sale at the elementary school, without having to wear masks. She too has felt that the joy was missing in the season
the last few years and it seems to have returned.

Dusky Olson looks forward to family time and goodies.

Tanya Phillips is thrilled to see the return of the New Years Eve dance.

Fran Chiupka was in attendance at the McBride Christmas Craft
fair and was happy to see how much bigger and how well attended it was.

Ellise Gustafson-Randall is excited to participate in the Santa events with her kids this year. Although she doesn’t think she
will be in attendance, she is glad to see the Ladies Christmas Tea
returning to McBride.

Dannielle Alan has enjoyed attending Christmas Craft Fairs all across the valley. She is happy to see people out and about, as well as the talented people showing off their products.

Robin Bielec has missed getting together with large groups, and
is looking forward to some upcoming gatherings and potlucks. She also is anticipating a ladies get together. She is looking forward to having the family sitting around the table visiting and eating. She is also enjoying the gatherings that occur in craft fair settings.

Darlene Mercereau and Val Logan are eagerly awaiting the OAPO Christmas Luncheon being held at the McBride Elks Hall this next week. They are also excited as the OAPO has been able to return to many of their other previously enjoyed events.

Courtney Lewis says it’s not an event she looks forward to during the Christmas/holiday season but rather sleeping in.

Alaina Chapman can’t wait for Christmas this year. The kids are coming to celebrate with them for the first time since 2019

Jeanne Dennis looks forward to creating trays of homemade

Kim McNaughton has been really happy to see the communities coming together, and just being together. That is what the season is about. She said that the Dunster community came together to clean up the schoolhouse following renovations, in preparation for the Christmas events. A large group of residents came together and enjoyed the process of getting things cleaned up.

Norma Stromberg-Jones anticipates the return to an in
person Christmas Eve service at the Evangelical Free Church. Last year the service was held with people standing outdoors, or sitting in their cars. While it was nice to gather, it was not the same. She looks forward to hearing people’s voices join as carols are sung, and hearing the Christmas story presented.

Paul Van de voorde says he looks forward to getting the wife under the mistletoe.