Joel and Emelia Cinnamon’s driveway is home to this spectacular entry into Tete Jaune’s first-ever Wreath-O-Rama contest. /LAURA KEIL

By Laura Keil

The community of Tete Jaune is getting creative with a COVID-friendly activity for the holidays: Wreath-O-Rama.

Participants have hung wreaths at the end of their driveways for motorists to view and the wreaths will also be judged in a contest.

Toni Cinnamon said the wreath idea came up when they realized they couldn’t hold their annual Christmas dinner, a tradition spanning 50 years.

“In keeping with the ever-present Tete Jaune community spirit, we invite all TJ residents to participate in a fun, heart-warming, festive contest,” she wrote.

“No huge rules involved. Just create a homemade Christmas wreath and display it at the end of your driveway. Display whatever strikes your festive fancy.

No premade store-bought wreath or your driveway will be disqualified by contest judge Emily Tinsley.”

The grand prize is a gift basket with turkey, homemade perogies, chocolates and wine. Judging will take place Friday, Dec. 18th with the winner announced later that day.

Wreaths are on display all around Tete Jaune including on Old Tete Jaune Road, Blackman Road, the Tete Jaune Bridge and Carr Road.

There are wreaths of all kinds, including one massive wreath that is illuminated in the dark.