The two-part display of wreath and old stove at Terry and Antoniette Cinnamon’s, wished passers-by a “Merry Christmas.” It was the winning entry in this year’s Tete Jaune Wreath-o-Rama. /ANDREA ARNOLD

By Andrea Arnold

Residents of Tete Jaune once again brightened up their small community by installing wreaths or other festive displays at the end of their driveways. Many of these had Christmas lights, some were traditional wreaths, and others showed an extra level of creativity. Toni Cinnamon won a gift basket for her two-part display. Each year, a senior member of the community is selected to judge the entries. This year Francis Blackman had the honour, and had difficult job of making the selection. Each participant received a laser-cut wooden ornament that says “Tete Jaune Wreathorama 2021 – We are all winners,” and a small bag of treats.

The extra snow added a festive feel to the wagon wheel and wooden tree at the end of Jason & Wendy Cinnamon’s property. /ANDREA ARNOLD
Frosty is loving the recent snow accumulation as he heads down the sign post marking the Amann’s driveway. /ANDREA ARNOLD
The rustic and welcoming wreath over the Myram driveway was a unique spin on the traditional. /ANDREA ARNOLD