After two years, the McBride and District Hospital Auxiliary held their strawberry shortcake social once again May 27th. At the McBride E-Free Church auxiliary volunteers were busy in the kitchen assembling the cakes with strawberries and whipping cream. The cakes—25 in total—were baked by auxiliary members along with some members of the community who also put on their baking aprons. There were 157 pre-ordered servings which Allan Frederick, Mike Moseley, and Rick Thompson delivered. Despite the rainy day, a few people came and visited with each other while enjoying their treats with a coffee or tea which was included in the $7 price of the shortcake. A little fun fact is the recipe for strawberry shortcake was popularized by Eliza Leslie of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the lady’s receipt-book (1847); however the earliest known shortcake recipe dates back to 1588 from an old English cookbook. In the early 1600s the treat was made popular when William Shakespeare used the name Alice Shortcake in “The Merry Wives of Windsor.” All proceeds raised go to patient care at the McBride and District Hospital as well as ambulance services. The McBride and District Hospital Auxiliary would like to thank the community for all their support. (Seen above) McBride and District Hospital Auxiliary members, Barb Brabant, Eleanor Johnson and Kat Vickery assemble the three integral parts of a strawberry shortcake in mass amounts during the fundraiser. /CAPTION SANDRA JAMES, PHOTO ANDREA ARNOLD