The Blue River Community Spring Clean-up took place Sunday May 15. Organized by the Blue River Community Association, many people turned up to help clean up the town and highway frontage and were rewarded with a BBQ. “It was nice to see so many families with young people attending,” Lee Onslow said. “It goes to show that you are never too young to care about your community and your planet.” Klondike Elston said he was dismayed at the amount of garbage along the frontage road, however. “There seems to be quite a bit there this spring, but it’s always bad. They don’t have any garbage barrels there.” He says the job of cleaning up after truckers falls to local residents and it’s dirty work cleaning up everything from old food to piss jugs and oil cans. Onslow said the town itself was relatively garbage free with the majority of the work on the frontage roads outside of the two gas stations, Petro Canada and Esso. “Someone must have the contract to do it,” Elston said, of the highway clean-up. “We take pride. We want people to go to town and not see piss jugs and trash. It’s frustrating.” /SUBMITTED