By Andrea Arnold

On April 4, the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Training along with the Ministry of Agriculture and Food sent out a news release announcing their commitment to increase their support for veterinary students from BC. 

The Province is providing nearly $10.7 million to double the number of provincially subsidized students from 20-40 attending the Western College of Veterinary Medicine on the University of Saskatchewan campus in 2022. 

The BC Government has partnered with the WCVM for more than 55 years. Dean Dr. Gillian Muir said in the release that they are excited to see the BC government’s commitment grow. 

“This increased investment enables more B.C. residents to achieve their dreams of becoming veterinarians,” she said. “It also allows the veterinary college to better serve the diverse needs of communities throughout B.C., to support the health of companion animals and livestock, and to protect food safety and animal welfare.”

Following the announcement, local vet student McKenna Dolbec-Edmand confirmed that she will be one of the students receiving the subsidy,

“My tuition next year will be $12,000, not $70,000,” she said. “While the commitment for this next year’s funding is great, it is a small step in what is needed overall as the support has not yet been extended beyond 2022.”