A social experiment, you say? How about this. Before anyone leaps in to support your “peaceful” protesters, they must ask why the “protesters” didn’t demand the Nazi flag, the Confederate flag and the Maverick party that wants to break Canada up, why they didn’t demand those persons get lost. And why the cries of the truckers were buried under the shouts of everyone with an axe to grind. Ask why persons should stand up to protect old growth forests while an entire mountainside is being cleared to allow a few rich persons to build expensive chalets and go sliding up and down the slope. And why logging is condemned but ski hills are celebrated in print with a full page spread. They should ask themselves why they should side with you who also wants to divide Canada, knowing full well it would take the US just five years to colonize us. And how the authorities can balance homing those of the homeless who don’t want to be indoors at all? As for Indigenous sovereignty—reconciliation has become a very fast-moving target.

D. Simpson
McBride, B.C.