Good morning world, I have decided to play devil’s advocate today just to see what kind of responses I get..

(I love social experiments!)

As everyone knows I have been in full support of those peaceful protesters blockading borders and parliament to defend our civil liberties and help bring the segregating system of “vaccine passports “ to an end once and for all!

My question today is if you same brave asouls will join us in demanding action on climate change, demanding an end to government subsidies for fossil fuel technology (specifically pipelines) and helping to create a fair and just transition to green tech for everyone still working in oil and gas?

Will you stand with us to stop the logging of the last Old Growth forests in the country?

Will you stand with us for Indigenous sovereignty?

Will you condemn the actions of the colonial governments and military police in their terrorizing and repeated unlawful attacks on the Wet’su’weten Nation?

Will you come out and add your trucks and your bodies and your voices to their railway and highway blockades?

Will you help to hold the colonial government’s feet to the fire and demand clean drinking water for all citizens of Canada, and immediate action on Missing, murdered Indigenous women and girls?

Will you blockade and protest in support of the hundreds of thousands of homeless and marginalized citizens in this country who deserve the dignity to at least have a roof over their head?

I really hope the answer is yes for all of my questions.

I would love to believe that this might be the turning point of division in this country and in this world.

Let us come together and make this a survivable and dignified and just world for our children.

As the segregation policies crumble I look forward to your assistance in the struggle to come.

I hope I am not disappointed.

Seth Macdonald
Dunster, BC