Back when Jews and devotees of all other religions believed in many gods, there wasn’t any reason to fight over the subject of salvation, because all devotees of all religions were united in the idea that they all had gods that would reward them with salvation and eternal bliss. When the Jews invented the story that there was only one god in existence, and that they were the chosen few by that one god, that was when the wars over religion began. Every religious group that followed, such as Catholics, Muslims, and Protestants lusted to be favorites of that one supposed god, as they did not, and would not believe that the one god in existence would favor only the Jews. How unfortunate, that by creating that one god dogma, the Jews brought the envy and hatred of others back to their selves, which resulted in the word antisemitism. I suggest we should all understand that it was not the modern Jews that created that one god dogma, and that they are not in any way responsible for what took place in the mentalities of those Jews that lived back in ancient times. Another tragedy is, that the one god dogma continues all these centuries later, to keep dividing devotees into right fighters over whose souls will be saved and whose souls will be shunned by that one god for eternity.

June Vandermark
McBride, BC