By Laura Keil

Seniors without much or any family in the valley can sign up for the Adopt a Senior program this year which pairs them with a Secret Santa in the community.

Marian Plummer, of Firm Foundations Christian Outreach, says they already have 40 seniors and 40 donors signed up. Each senior will submit 3 gift wishes and their secret santa will do their best to find the gifts for Christmas.

“I know if it were my mother and she got a bag coming to her door and she was told ‘You can’t open it till Christmas!’ she would be just so happy knowing that somebody bought her a Christmas present.”

She says she and other volunteers will make sure the gifts are delivered in a COVID-19-safe manner.

To take part as a giver or recipient, you can contact Marian at 250-566-4807 or Ellen at 250-566-9976.