November 3rd was World Wide Walkout Day to protest the loss of civil liberties throughout the world flowing from government actions relating to the virus. In solidarity with the efforts of countless numbers of the world’s citizens, there was a march in Valemount. I was among the marchers. The sign I carried said “Give back our stolen charter rights.”

The march provided an opportunity for anyone, vaccinated or not, to join together to protest the loss of our personal freedoms.

A very clear and moving explanation of the ways in which our freedoms have been denied us is found in an open letter from RCMP officers to the director of the RCMP. It is such a worthwhile read! It may be found at

There may have been 100 marchers, some of whom hailed from McBride, Dunster, and Tete Jaune (and, likely, points in between).

The march began at the park. We marched to the grocery store, with many chants of “No More Mandates,” “No More Losses.” We paused at the grocery store, where the organizer of the march made a brief but eloquent and insightful speech. We continued to march down the avenue, crossed the street, then back past the park to Highway 5.

Often, as we marched along, those driving past us honked their horns in appreciation of our efforts and the messages on our signs. We felt we had great support from people outside our marching group. Many marchers carried signs, all of which contained compelling messages. A few examples are: “Medical choice is a right;” “My body, my choice;” “Coercion is not consent;” “I have an immune system, thank you very much;” “We will not be your science experiment;” “It is not the responsibility of the un-vaccinated to protect the vaccinated; that is the vaccine’s job;” “Yes to freedom;” “Mandate healthy eating, exercise, vitamins.” It felt very good to stand up and be counted in the effort to reclaim our personal freedoms!

I do see a ray of hope for our future, even though I am deeply saddened by the people who have died from the virus, died from the vaccine, committed suicide because of isolation, lost their business, lost their job, lost their home, or were barred from visiting family members dying in retirement homes. There has been so much pain and suffering!

I suggest we understand this pain and suffering as an object lesson in what happens when our governments are captured by Big Pharma, Big Business, and individual billionaires. Governments are not presently controlled by citizens. At present, governments’ highest priority is not citizen welfare, but instead the welfare of Big Pharma, Big Business, and individual billionaires.

More and more people will realize this, possibly in the near future. Once enough of us become aware of the truth, it will be possible to restructure our governments to ensure they are controlled by the citizens. Quite likely, this will require ensuring that no political candidates are allowed to receive any donations from Big Pharma, Big Business, or individual billionaires.

Possible changes of this kind are what give me hope for a brighter future for Canadian citizens. If we get to that point, there will have been a purpose for all the pain and suffering so many of us have endured.

Roger Beck
Tete Jaune, BC