Saturday, September 18th 2021 I attended a Freedom Rally in Valemount. The major theme was that we need to stop promoting divisiveness, which we promote when we try to convince others that our point of view on Covid/Vaccines is correct. Instead, we need to unite with people holding different points of view behind the goal of saving our charter of rights. At the moment it is those of us without vaccine passports who are being denied our charter of rights. However, denying us establishes a precedent to deny the same rights at some future time to those who currently hold vaccine passports. In short, denying the charter of rights to any group makes all of us vulnerable to the loss of our rights. Those rights are intended to be held by all Canadians. When one group is denied, the charter no longer protects everyone’s rights. So, let’s unify all those with disparate opinions about Covid/Vaccines under the banner of preserving our charter of rights. Our very freedom is at stake!

A corollary: we need to recognize that those holding Covid/Vaccine views different from ours are entitled to their opinion. Also, we ask them to respect our right to our opinion.

Roger Beck
Tete Jaune, BC