Norma Stromberg-Jones serves up candy to trick-or-treaters through her railing candy shoot. /ANDREA ARNOLD
Kevin Chiupka and his bony friends treat a group of kids to treats for their eyes as well as their candy bags. /ANDREA ARNOLD
Henry, Thomas and Victoria visit the neighbourhood on their Halloween adventures escorted by their faceless father. /ANDREA ARNOLD
McBride’s Halloween House saw 83 visitors this year. Sherri Flynn’s new addition stood tall along the fence startling passersby with its flashing lights, moving wings and spooky voice. /ANDREA ARNOLD
Niao spent her first Halloween dressed warmly as a unicorn snug in her mom Rena’s arms. /ANDRU MCCRACKEN
Firefighters Blair and Kirby were hard at work not with hoses, but with candy boxes, on Halloween night. /LAURA KEIL