The Fraser River near McBride (village seen at the right) flowed into low-lying areas as temperatures climbed into the 30s and 40s and the quickly-melting snow pack raced down the mountains. /SANDRA JAMES
The swollen waters of the Fraser River spread into the riverside park situated by the Fraser River Bridge east of McBride. /DAVID MARCHANT
Horseshoe Lake Road bore the brunt of high water. /SANDRA JAMES
The overflow from the Fraser into the parking area and fields of Koeneman Regional Park was used by many families as a cooling off spot during the week-long heatwave. As the village of McBride has been under a water conservation order, these pools of cool water have provided much needed relief. /ANDREA ARNOLD
Fraser Bridge. The high water didn’t quite reach the bridge deck. /SANDRA JAMES
By Wednesday evening the water had risen to cover most of the boardwalk and gazebo at Horseshoe Lake. Normally these structures sits several feet above the water. /ANDREA ARNOLD
Normally Koeneman Regional Park doesn’t feature a swimming area, but some local residents were quick to take advantage of the overflow waters of the Fraser River during last week’s sizzling 40.4° temperatures. /DAVID MARCHANT
Cindy Rollinson, Sue Morris and Alannah Rollinson took advantage of the McBride Community Hall’s air conditioning for an evening of Yatzee during the heatwave last week. /ANDREA ARNOLD
In the field next to their home that is usually a horse pasture, the Corbett kids took turns perfecting their wakeboarding skills as long as the water levels allowed. /ANDREA ARNOLD
The boat launch at Gagliardi park was submerged for several days and water flowed precariously close to the Village’s sewage lagoon. The village worked with local contractors to haul in loads of material to build up the lagoon walls to prevent floodwaters from breaching. No-posts were repurposed to add to the stability of the project. /ANDREA ARNOLD
On Thursday, July 1, 2021, the water level in the Fraser had risen so high it covered Mountainview road completely for a couple hundred metres. The road was not closed, but traffic moved slowly and cautiously through the area. /ANDREA ARNOLD
Kyle and Chelsie Stubbs took the opportunity to paddleboard down Horseshoe Lake road and enjoy a peaceful and unique evening. /ANDREA ARNOLD
McBride Field after the flooding. /SANDRA JAMES
McBride Field before flooding. /LAURA KEIL