The kilns at Dunster Community Forest Society’s BRKH Custom Woodworking have been given internal face-lifts and one kiln received new doors as part of the grant funded work that had been done so far. /ANDREA ARNOLD

By Andrea Arnold

The Dunster Community Forest Society has been working on developing their timber supply analysis of inventory. General Manager Ray Thiessen says this will allow long term strategic planning to occur by the winter season. The group is also lanning out activities for next winter.

“Once these plans are complete, we will dive into making more specific plans and arrangements in order for these activities to be performed successfully,” said Thiessen.

In terms of active logging in the coming months, the area above Shere Lake will be the site of some tree harvesting.

The DCFS is also investing time and money into the newly-established BRKH Custom Woodwork located in McBride.

Grant money has allowed upgrades to the original shop as well as internal facelifts on the two kilns and connecting track.

More grant money has been obtained to construct a new dry-storage building.

“The price of supplies is creating challenges,” said Thiessen.

He said since 2019, the cost of lumber has increased 250% per cent and the cost of logs— their revenue—has only increased by 75 per cent.”

BRKH is looking for ways to increase their market presence by expanding sales into the wholesale market as well as maintaining the regional retail customer base.

“For the last one and half years, DCFS has been focused on getting BRKH moving,” said Thiessen. “The focus on forestry will increase again as we move to medium and long term planning.”