By Laura Keil, Publisher/Editor

It’s not often that while watching the news we take action to help someone affected by the news we’re watching. But that’s exactly what several families in the Robson Valley and Jasper have done by taking in Ukrainian refugee families.

The pandemic has led to many tuning out the news and becoming more isolated, which makes this generosity all the more surprising.

When we feel powerless, when we see injustice, how do we react? How do we act?

It does not have to be big. Not everyone is able to directly support a refugee family, but we all have something to give, and doing this giving can restore some of that power we feel we’ve lost. We all have something to contribute to every struggle. We all have inherent power to choose and to act.

This week, consider your own power. You may not feel as though you have much, but life-changing moments can be tiny—simple generosities and friendliness in moments of someone else’s need.