By Laura Keil, Editor/Publisher

The Regional District livestreamed its public meetings last week for the very first time.

Years ago, when we first started the paper, I inquired about this and was told it was too complicated and expensive. Essentially, it wasn’t worth the hassle to set it up for the handful of people in the hinterlands who may watch it.

It’s true the Regional District’s regular business doesn’t often draw a crowd. But occasionallyâ€especially when it’s your businessâ€you want to watch the proceedings. Or in my case, as the media to report on them.

Could this spell a new age of openness at the RDFFG?

I certainly hope so.

Finally we can hearâ€not just the outcomesâ€but what our public officials said during deliberations. We can listen in on delegations and presentations. The only regional district meetings I’ve attended were ones occurring when I happened to be in Prince George anyway. Because this newspaper doesn’t have a time budget for a full day of travel.

I’m not sure if the RDFFG has a “rural equity” strategic value, but if they do, they could file this under that column and give themselves a pat on the back.

Now, let’s hope they continue it after the pandemic, once they don’t have to.