By Andru McCracken, Outgoing Editor

As the New Year approached I asked myself how long I would continue to work as the editor of the Rocky Mountain Goat. And my answer surprised me.

It’s been an honour to spend a short while in the role. It’s good work. And more than ever vital.

Newspapers are great. There is something special that hides in and around the text, photos and ads that make up a community newspaper each week. It’s a little bit like a river: it’s more than just the water running through it.

As I look back, I see the constant pressure of deadlines and stories that needed more time and more energy. Working in the fields of meaning and caring about it on a deadline is sometimes like hitting yourself on the head. The break is welcome. Though I’ve enjoyed my time. It’s been fun crafting editorials and writing stories about local people and issues.

Laura is eager to contribute more to the content side of the newspaper, and I think it will bring her a lot of joy.

I have some vague plans, nothing fixed, save for completing a long overdue project. In general I hope to find other ways to contribute to the community and earn a living in the valley. If you find work that appears to have my name on it, give me a call.

As the Goat finds its way, I’ll continue to contribute, but I am pleased to walk away from the title of the editor.

Moving to this valley 20 years ago was in some ways accidental, but the main thrust was to exit the rat race. My work as editor was beginning to feel just a little bit too much like racing rats.

In an editorial or two I’ve urged readers to seize the day and live their best lives here in the mountains. I’m going to take my own advice and I hope to spend more time skiing the mountains that surround us.