Shawn’s Small Engine Repair owner Shawn Desfossess and Bob Dieno of Nutech Fire Protection and Safety Supplies discuss what needs to be done with the propane bottles outside the shop. In this instance, the bottles could safely remain where they were, as they were empty. Dieno visited approximately 61 business locations in McBride over the course of two days doing fire/safety inspections. Some of the things he looks for are: fire extinguishers – type and number of detectors, both smoke and CO2, emergency backup lighting – the most common omission, safe right of way through the space, and proper flammable fluid storage. During site inspections, he not only pointed out potential hazards, but he also explained and offered reasonable suggestions to clear up the issue. He says he finds people more receptive to suggestions if he comes with the attitude of helpfulness. “Being mean doesn’t get you anywhere,” he said. McBride gets these inspections once every five years. There is the initial visit, then Dieno will return in a month to follow up where needed. If the instructions left haven’t been followed upon his return, then the issue is sent up the ladder to the Fire Commissioner for more serious action. /ANDREA ARNOLD