By Andrea Arnold

McBride has closed 1st and 2nd avenues at Dominion Creek due to flooding and high water.

1st avenues in McBride was closed this morning due to high water. The yards between 1st and 2nd are flooded with water that has risen several feet in just a few hours.

2nd ave is also closed. A hole approx. three feet deep and three feet across has opened up at the bottom of the hill above Dominion Creek. The concern is the stability of the remaining road and the amount of water needing to pass through.

The Village of McBride sent out a call for volunteers this morning.

McBride Community Forest Brushing Crew along with members of Search and Rescue and the RCMP piled sandbags along Dominion Creek at the home of Bob and Hazel Balcaen.

“We are grateful for the help,” said Balcaen, seen watching behind the line of workers. “This is as high as I’ve ever seen it.”

The sandbags are being filled off site by another group of volunteers.

In the early afternoon, they put down cloth to help prevent grounds from washing away on 1st avenue, while volunteers filled more sandbags.
Photos & video: Andrea Arnold, unless otherwise noted