By Andrea Arnold

McBride Village Council met June 9, 2020 at 7:19pm via ZOOM by Mayor Runtz. In attendance were Councillors Smith, Frederick, Smith and Hruby, along with CAO McCutcheon.

Ben Campbell, Senior Manager, KPMG LLP, a Canadian audit, tax and advisory service, presented the Village’s 2019 Draft Consolidated Financial Statements. Later in the meeting, Council passed the motion to approve the statements as presented, for the year ending on December 31, 2019. The Village holds ownership of McBride Community Forest Corporation, therefore there are still steps remaining in the audit process.

Grad banner
Council unanimously passed a motion to allow McBride Secondary School to hang a congratulatory banner from the Welcome to McBride archway and authorized Public Works to hang the banner if needed.

More CN employees
CAO McCutcheon initiated a meeting with CN Manager, Tyler Banick on June 4, 2020 regarding an increase in employees working out of McBride. Some 60 employees are currently in town working on the rail tie gangs, and another 40 are expected in the coming weeks to do some under-cutting work. Employees have been instructed to bring as many groceries and toiletries with them, to avoid the need to shop and limit supplies available to locals. Also, they are following the guidelines provided to Council in the report. CAO McCutcheon had a follow up meeting on June 8, 2020, to ensure the effective monitoring of COVID-19 safety procedures; Social distancing whenever possible, avoiding person to person contact, staggering start times, as well as breaks, as well as spacing out travel, mask and glove wearing, and amplified cleaning regimes. Employees are required to limit interaction with community members, use food and goods delivery services, leverage electronic means of communication with stakeholders, officials, contractors and suppliers as much as possible. Employees also have access to telemedicine.

Council moved to accept the report from CN for information.

Village properties
Council discussed disposing of (selling) Village-owned properties: 1044 2nd Ave, 1032 2nd Ave, 964 2nd Ave, 976 2nd Ave, and 1127 SE Frontage Rd in 2020. The staff report by the CAO noted the properties cost the Village money in both annual overhead and maintenance. Concern was brought up that the Village is giving up land promised to the McBride Housing Society. It has been discussed with the Chair of the Committee, that the properties in question were too small for the footprint required for the discussed housing project, and she is aware of the change in direction. Council agreed to proceed with one set of properties at a time to gauge public interest. Properties 964 & 976 2nd Ave were chosen as the first to present. The motion was amended that council approve public notice requesting public expression of interest for properties 964 & 976 2nd Ave. Council passed the amended motion.

Council moved to adjourn the meeting at 8:08pm.